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December 2019
We built this invitation-only website specifically to frame our conversation.
For best viewing, please use a laptop.
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We want to use this site as a starting canvas to share ideas.
More info on us is here.
The focus is taking any show format (content) and adding a technology layer that embeds consumer engagement in real time.
Our patent-pending proprietary tech layer together with any content creates our Ready2EngageTM format. It is exclusive and proprietary to GNB. 
Active audience engagement and participation are embedded from the very start.
We also show a monetization model with new inventory based on the new format.
The difference between what we do and old efforts like 2nd screen marketing is like that of the iPhone 11 and a flip phone.

Consuming content has changed.

Now, mobile devices make everyone a potential Active Participant.

There is no more first or second screen.

We fuse content on TV or streaming in real time with specific triggers and moments on mobile screens of viewers at home or in-venue.

The difference between what we do and old efforts like 2nd screen marketing is like that of the iPhone 11 and a flip phone.

The difference is between offering engaging content versus having engagement with content.
Our work to date includes nation-wide cause engagement.
Over 760,000 sentiment map votes were cast on our civic platform.
Our work also includes sports engagement. 
Content generated by engaged folks on our sports platform received over 1 million impressions on twitter per typical NFL game.
Ready to Engage?
What we have learned to date about different forms of cause engagement ...
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... is helping us IMAGINE what we can do for Eurosport content and formats, including DTC and stream future-proofing. 
Based on our experience to date with sports and cause engagement ,
we want to build a custom show format for Eurosport that:
  1. Will super-engage audiences and fans in real time, and even when a show is DVRd.
  2. Works horizontally across all Eurosport formats.
  3. Gives Eurosport:
A new experience to audiences.
differentiating format to distributors.
New properties to monetize, with new ROI to sponsors. 
The Business Case.
Anything here has to have little/no risk. We mitigate execution risk because of the already-demonstrated work to date with cause and sports engagement. Market and solution risk are addressed next.
  Market Signals  
So-called 2nd screen behaviors are already very significant: 60-70% Fans engage on mobiles.
However, such behaviors of fans are not monetized by brands or leagues or broadcasters, except in social media advertising campaigns.
Such campaigns are now understood to have "debatable" ROI. 
60-70% Fans engage on mobiles while watching sports, but programmers, leagues and brands make little money from such activities.
Nielsen Global Digital Landscape Report March 2015
  Solution Risk / Market Response  
Here are actual comments from football fans about our platform and their experience.  
Exploring the Ready2EngageTM experience for Eurosport audiences.
Storyboard/wireframe art and functionality are screens 1-3.
Screen 4 is capture of our actual football experience for NFL games, which we would adapt for Eurosport content.
Screens 2-4 are not shown in any intended order.
We have developed a number of additional and more in-depth functionality screens and behaviors. We can share these with you as our discussions evolve.
The Ready2EngageTM branded experience and data now become part of any show format.
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Screen 1
From a custom app, the Ready to Engage experience is launched.
From the R2E Home, any other existing app or link can be launched.
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Screen 2

Onboarding personal fan stories. Example here: motorsports.


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Screen 3
Fan-celebrity links and contests.
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Screen 3
Fan engagement during live events. based on our experience with NFL games in the US.
Sponsorable. Betting platform-possible.
 Fusing 1st and 2nd screens; 
 Offering a new show format; 
 Serving a new audience experience. 
To the existing Eurosport format/content ...
... can be layered the GNB Ready2EngageTM format.
Future proofed for streaming.
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Another major differentiator advantage:
Data and our Control & Analytics Dashboard.
This is an actual screenshot of our civic engagement C&A Dashboard.
From our C&A Dashboard, we can control everything the viewer experiences with their Ready to Engage interaction.
Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.23.24 PM.png
We have built a C&A Dashboard technology layer. From here, we control the content and any specific trigger moments for unique experiences on mobile devices.
This means:
  1. Without needing to update the app, we control the content in real time. Controlling experiences without needing to update is a major competitive advantage that other app concepts don't have - because it is difficult to do.
  2. In addition, the data generated are collected and analyzed in real time, offering unprecedented real time insights into behaviors that can lead to sales.
Benefits of the Ready2EngageTM format
  1. Fans get to experience Eurosport content now with their stories as part of the content - which pulls in more fans.
  2. Eurosport gets a Eurosport-Specific show format. It will now have engagement already built in. 
  3. The format applies horizontally across all content, is future proofed, and generates new properties to monetize with sponsors and distributors.
Thank you.
Aris Persidis
(c) 2019 GridNewsBureau.  All concept descriptions, art, storyboards, wireframes, and screen mock-ups here are property and copyrights of GridNewsBureau - All Rights Reserved.