An invitation-only demo for the GNB Series A Group.

For presentation purposes only. Not for re-distribution.


We are a technology and AI company in the media/entertainment space.


Our focus is adding real engagement as a key part of the interaction between lean-forward consumers and streaming content. 

Use case #1: A TV show

The two minute demo shows our Ready2EngageTM technology in action.

Please note the different types of engagement, including the new kind of ad inventory (the Orbitz message, toward the end).

Each engagement interaction is live. This means that when a consumer/viewer/fan taps the engagement "bubbles", the results change.

We have full control of the engagement content in real time. We also have the live consumer engagement data in our databases.

Use case #2: A football game

The three minute demo is shows one of our original beta tests a few years ago.

The aim was to test the technical ability of fan engagement inside a streaming football game. 

Results included the generation of over a million twitter engagements per 28 days, with only a $600 advertising campaign.

The idea of live engagement during a sporting event is not new. There have been past efforts, including modern versions of e-betting on game results.

What is different with GNB's approach in sports is top2bottom and includes:


  1. In-the-moment provider control of what to engage with (not possible with existing offerings)

  2. Real-time generation of demographics

  3. Extension beyond the betting community (betting is the main current vertical, with brands not considering the on-betting community of sports fans)

  4. Gamification of sports viewing enjoyment for the entire family (this is absent from current offerings)

  5. New ad inventory that is targeting families and non-betting fans with values that are not only betting (this is absent from current offerings).


We can apply our tech here to any live sporting event, as we have now developed full and real time control of the interaction we are driving with fans/consumers.

We can share more about the tech, validation to date, the data in our databases, our intellectual property and use cases in different verticals (news, sports, movies, TV shows, NFT) under a CDA.