Community of Active and Veteran Military and Families.
We would like to introduce you to Rez.
Rez is rezilient.
Rez is You.
  Update: July 2018  
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 Family Resiliency Having Options Dealing with PTSD 
 Rez gets the name from this incredible idea of being Rezilient.
We built this page specifically for communities that support Soldiers and their families.
We see this webpage as a place to share what we believe we can do to help Serving Members, Veterans, and their Families.
Our focus is Family Resiliency.
Our focus is helping Soldiers see for themselves a path to options.
Our focus is making it possible for Soldiers to have their voices heard and counted.
Beginning with a safe place to express themselves. When words just don't seem to work.   Our idea is to give Soldiers a Digital Safe Zone - where they can express how they feel even without words. Same for their families. Same for their kids.
This is a non-public, invitation-only webpage, shared just between us. It links to our main corporate page, but not vice versa.
Some background:
Our broad aim is to give voice to unique groups of people so that they can be heard.
We have a track record in very large scale civic engagement,
and also with sports/media.
Our tech offering is designed to help specific voices be heard in safe new ways.
We believe that Soldiers and their families, especially those with challenges that include family resiliency, that include any apparent lack of options for the Soldier,  and that may even include PTSD spectrum challenges, need and deserve all the help we can give them. 
The Digital World does not seem to be stepping up to this unique plate. 
Until now.
We believe we can offer Soldiers, their families, their kids, a cutting-edge, 24/7 digital engagement tool specifically designed for their need to express themselves about anything, when deployed, as they transition home,
and for those waiting for them.
Our work to date includes nation-wide civic engagement.
Over 760,000 sentiment map votes were cast on our civic platform.

Our work also includes very large scale sports/media engagement.


      Over one million engagements

 recorded on twitter

per typical game.

What we have learned to date about different forms of cause engagement ...
  ... has helped us imagine what    
  we can do for Soldiers and their  families and kids,  
  with our Rez platform  
  and underlying e3.0 engagement  
Meet Rez.
There is much more on Rez later. Everything about the functionality of Rez for the Soldier/Family community is customizable.
We want to build - based on our experience with cause engagement tech to date - a digital platform specifically designed to support and empower the community of Soldiers and their families and kids. Including Soldiers with PTSD. The idea is to give them tools to express their experiences on their own terms, safely, and in some powerful new ways.  
There is a great opportunity to serve the key needs of Soldiers  - focusing on family resiliency, and options, and the transition home, including how their spouses and kids feel.
If a Soldier
needs to communicate - but can't find the words - and do so in a very personal and also safe way,
what options
do they have?  
How do I speak?
We are offering something new.
An exclusive ability on their mobile devices that allows them to share the emotions of their experience. Especially when words fail. Done in what we call a DSZ (a Digital Safe Zone). So that sharing their feelings does not come back in any way and be used against them. 
Same for their families.
Their spouses.
Their kids.
My Rez
A Soldier, or a family member, including and especially their spouse and kid(s), empowered with Rez can tap on this image, which is a way to represent themselves (they can also upload their own photo to be part of this avatar, if they want).
They tap on different places, and something new happens.
The red button/bottom right is the support button - more on this later.
This is just one concept we are sharing with some story-boarding and wireframe art. 
  5 Jan 2018  
My Rez
  Tap your head  
   what are you thinking?   
  Tap your heart  
   what are you feeling?   
  Tap your gut  
   what is it telling you?   
  Tap your feet 
    feel like dancing or running       from someone? 
  Tap your hands  
   feel like punching    
   someone or playing ball
  5 Jan 2018  
I Am a Rezilient Soldier...
I Am a Rezilient Spouse...
I Am a Soldier's Rezilient daughter/son...
Rez is based on existing tech already developed.
It runs 24/7 and is ALWAYS on your side.
At any moment, every whenever that's best for you, you can capture in a new way what's going on in your life. In pictures, in words.
This is a DIGITAL SAFE ZONE. It is designed to leave NO DIGITAL FOOTPRINT.
This is an incredibly important point. How you use Rez will not leave a social media-type footprint that somebody in the future can access without your knowledge.
There is no button that will link Rez to your snapfacetwitogram life. This is not public information with preferences for public dissemination. Want to be able to share with a specific person? Absolutely - but there is a mandatory integrity confirmation path that has to be followed and unless regularly approved by you, it will stop automatically.
This also means that a Soldier, or a Spouse, or a Soldier's kid, can have privacy within their family.
My Rez
  5 Jan 2018  
  You tap your head, your heart,
  your  gut:  
      Options float in.    
      You can pick an image.  
      Or you can pick a word. 
      Or both.   
  super excited 
  super excited
 but  nightmare? 
  5 Jan 2018  
Let's listen to these voices.
With the Rez platform, this is possible and easy 24/7/365.
on January 6th, 2018, your gut felt like a firecracker was about to go off.
You felt super excited, had butterflies and also that NIGHTMARE again...
... You were unsure... because something just didn't feel right.
ONLY YOU can see this - and if you agree to share in the Digital Safe Zone, only the people you choose.
And you can see this every day, every moment if you want, how you feel and how you change.
Meet the newest Veteran returning home.
With High6, He/She can express how they feel, during tough or happy moments  24/7/365 - especially when there are no words.
He/She shares only as they want.
And if they need, there is a red support button.
Tracking strength and bravery day by day, moment by moment.
My Rez
  6 Jan. 2018  
  The Red Button:  
When tapped, the Soldier will be able to connect with resources that support groups may wish to have available within easy reach.
Here, these resources can be made available in new ways.
A very real situation:
With Rez, a Support Structure can "sense" if Soldiers somewhere are being affected by a local, national, or global event, and how they feel about it. The aggregate data helps a Support Group be proactive - if the Rez "sensor" shows a glowing hot spot in a specific location, a USO, for example, can step in to help. An example of such a "Hot Event" could be the recent Florida tragedy. How do Veterans react to it?
Or, what do they think of the VA?
Or, what do they think of whatever the issue of the day where a Soldier's voice can count and help.
Has anybody asked them?
My Rez
  6 Jan 2018
How do you feel about:
1. Education for girls
2. Cyberbullies
3. School shootings
  We can ask Soldiers for their opinion:  
Issues can be shown in real time on Rez. We have developed specific dashboard control technology as part of our civic engagement work. Without the cumbersome need to update an app, we can post questions and gather responses in real time, across the entire platform. It is like an "always on" 2-way communication tool. 
The dashboard allows us to post any issue on Rez, change it in real time, and analyze the data.
In closing:
We see the need for a new and very special benefit to Soldiers, their Families, their kids, when words just don't work, 24/7.
The focus is on family resiliency, options, and the transition home.
It is also a real-world useful "sensor" of how Soldiers feel.
Rezis a way to help Soldiers. And their spouses, And their kids. In a Digital Safe Zone. When words just don't work. 
Helping Our People/Warriors.
Thank you! 
Aris and Rhonda
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