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Sunday 25 January 2018
Call wth BTN and Fox Sports / 7 February 2018
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We built this website specifically for
      you and Brad and Mike, as a way
      to frame our conversation.
We see this as a place to start to
      share what we can do for the Big
      Ten Conference as it continues its
This is a non-public webpage, shared by
      invitation only between us. It is a private
      site linked to our corporate home page,
      but not vice versa.
Our aim is to give voice to different groups of people during live events.
We use some powerful new tech to help these voices be heard, linked, and amplified as an ever-changing "wisdom of the crowd".
This creates new properties to monetize with sponsors.
We go where apps, hashtags and social media campaigns don't.
Our work to date includes nation-wide cause engagement.
Our work also includes sports engagement. 
What we have learned to date about different forms of cause engagement ...
Content generated by engaged folks on our sports platform received over 1 million impressions on twitter per typical game
Over 760,000 sentiment map votes were cast on our civic platform
Ready to Engage?
... is helping us imagine what we can do for the Big Ten.
Based on our experience with sports and cause engagement tech to date, we want to build a capability for Big Ten to:
  1. Super-link the multi-million population of Big Ten students, athletes, families and friends.
  2. Enable Big Ten to have a real time 2-way authentic communication with its audiences.
  3. Give Big Ten new properties to monetize, and sponsors new ROI for their Big Ten investments.
Our work here will not replace or cannibalize any Big Ten work with Learfield or BigTen2Go (TV/digital).
The Business Case.
Big Ten is already very successful.
Anything here has to have little/no risk.
We mitigate execution risk because of the already-demonstrated work to date with cause and sports engagement. Market and solution risk are addressed next.
  Market Signals  
So-called 2nd screen behaviors are already very significant: 60-70% Fans engage on mobiles.
However, such behaviors of fans are not monetized by brands or leagues or broadcasters, except in social media advertising campaigns.
Such campaigns are now understood to have "debatable" ROI. The recent Facebook comments and actions highlight the issue, as does the recent Papa John's commentary.
60-70% Fans engage on mobiles while watching sports, but leagues and brands make little money from such activities.
Nielsen Global Digital Landscape Report March 2015
  Solution Risk / Market Response  
Here are actual comments from football fans about our platform and their experience.  
Exploring the "Ready to Engage?" experience for Big Ten audiences and fans.
Storyboard/wireframe art and functionality are screens 1-3.
Screen 4 is capture of our actual football experience for NFL games, which we would adapt for the Big Ten games.
Screens 2-4 are not shown in any intended order.
We have developed a number of additional and more in-depth functionality screens and behaviors. We can share these with you as our discussions evolve.
Ready to Engage?
      My swimming story     
ME                      REST 
MAJOR   Psych      Enginr
TASTE     Wings     Tacos
MOVE     3shot      X-over
Screen 1
From any Big Ten existing app, the Ready to Engage experience is launched.
From the RTE Home, any other existing Big Ten app or link can be launched.
Screen 2
Fan Story Links
Anytime, including when there are no events, a Big Ten student/fan can onboard their personal sports story. This can be aggregated against all other stories and presented as a unique and personalized student/fan comparison.
Sponsor links are possible.
Screen 3
Fan-Student Athlete Links
Anytime, including when there are no events, a student/fan can play a Six Degrees of Separation game relative to their favorite student athlete.

On specific days, a specific Student Athlete can engage live.


Sponsor links are possible.

Screen 4
Fan Wisdom of the Crowd
During live games, student/fans can super-engage by calling plays, seeing how others called them, joining leaderboards, earning perks. 
Major live sponsor links are possible due to the captive eyeball advantages of the technology. No ad server calls are involved, giving sponsors 
unprecedented ROI. The technology has already been market-validated with NFL games.
Another major differentiator advantage:
the e3.0 Control & Analytics Dashboard.
This is an actual screenshot of our civic engagement C&A Dashboard.
From a Big Ten C&A Dashboard, we can control everything the student/fan experiences with their Ready to Engage? fun.
MAJOR   Psych      Enginr
TASTE     Wings     Tacos
MOVE     3shot      X-over
      My swimming story     
ME                      REST 
We have built a C&A Dashboard technology layer. From here, we control the content and any specific trigger moments for unique experiences on mobile devices.
This means:
  1. Without needing to update the app, we control the content in real time. Controlling experiences without needing to update is a major competitive advantage that other app concepts don't have - because it is difficult to do.
  2. In addition, the data generated are collected and analyzed in real time, offering Big Ten and its sponsors unprecedented real time insights into potential consumers.
Our three competitive advantages.
Origins and Validation
Our experience comes from AI and Big Data in healthcare. Where we learned how patients and the healthcare system and research all interact and engage together. We are applying these powerful lessons laterally, in media/entertainment. 
We developed our e3.0 technology and used it to build a sports engagement and a civic engagement experience. These were market-tested and validated to wonderful reviews by real fans that share their experience on social media.
We have a potent mix of insiders-outsiders, giving us an experience edge. For example, our Board includes the former CFO of PepsiCo, the former CEO of Krispy Kreme and President and COO of Papa John's, the current President of International Marketing of Paramount Pictures, the former CEO of AVIS and USAirways. What it takes to engage consumers successfully, especially as demographics and behaviors change, and how to make money from such behaviors is in our DNA.
Our 360 Degree Solution
Our e3.0 technology is market/battle tested in major sports and civic engagement applications and has different-facing elements:
  • What the audience/fan sees
  • What the sponsor sees
  • What the league sees
Our Control & Analytics Dashboard, our ability to trigger events and behaviors on 2nd screens in real time, our synchronization algorithms that allow a fan to engage as a live sporting event is unfolding and participate in "crowd wisdom," the flow of real time fan engagement data that are a fresh sponsor-ready set of properties for the league (we have shown just three here), our use of a single technology platform to drive all the aspects shown (multiple sports and events): these are at least five specific solution advantages we bring to bear.
Focusing on the benefits for the Big Ten.
  1. Super-link the multi-million population of Big Ten students, athletes, families and friends.
  2. Enable Big Ten to have a real time 2-way authentic communication with its audiences.
  3. Give Big Ten new properties to monetize, and sponsors new ROI for their Big Ten investments.
In closing: 
Next Steps.
Call wth BTN and Fox Sports / 7 Feb, 2018
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Thank you.
Aris Persidis
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