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What does GNB make and sell?

We are a technology company. We license access to our e3.0 technology. We also license our Ready2Engage format for specific shows and programmers that want to have a premium option. Finally, we build custom engagement platforms for programmers or brands.

Do we consume content today differently than, say, 10 or 20 years ago?

We most certainly do. Check out the piece on 1st and 2nd screens.

Is insta-face-twee-snap-graming the best we can do now for engagement?

No, it's not. Posting on social media is seen only by your direct links, and if they happen to be watching their feed the same time your post appears. Your real friends can, of course, check out your past posts. Beyond that, you are digitally alone.

Is there anything exciting and new for brands and their ad spend ROIs?

Brands are trying everything they can to connect with consumers. We see a totally different version of engagement to what is now available.

Can we do better with At-Home family audience engagement?

Yes. At GNB, we are re-imagining and re-inventing this amazingly important touch point. We see our Ready2Engage format as being a new kind of family digital glue.

Have we seen work like this in the past?

Yes. And No. The difference between GNB and past efforts is like that between iPhone 11 and iPhone 1. Years ago, second-screen push marketing was tried. It didn't work. The idea was excellent, the execution not so much. Times have changed. A lot. Tech, demographics and behaviors are very different now.

What's the monetization model for the GNB content format?

Every engagement touchpoint is a new sponsorable piece of inventory. It can be used as-is or as make-good inventory.

How does an independent like Revolt show added value and differentiation to cable operators?

Revolt can show significant and differentiating value to operators by adding actual real-time engagement and the ability to activate its fans.

The Breakfast Club: What can done to activate fans in meangful ways, creating new monetization opportunities at the same time?

The pice that changes everything is actual engagement. On the same screen as the streaming if the show. In a way that prevents behavior fragmentation. Which is what happens today, when a fan watches the BC but then goes to FB or T or YT to post. Which means Revolt loses all this activation energy. And the big potential $$ associarted with it.

The Revolt Summit: Imagine adding a "Rock the Vote" capability on steroids...

GNB has validated tech and engagement in news and politics (our VoterMoe platform) where core issues are sunchronized with viewer participation on a massive level. This can make the Summit scale virtually with unprecedented uniqueness and ROI.

Exactly how much money is left on the table without fan engagement as part of the show format?

TENS OF MILLIONS PER SEASON PER SHOW. Multiply by the number of shows. We'll show you how and why.

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