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A new platform for those who want their opinion about people, issues, and events to be heard in a safe, protected environment. 

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You can voice your opinion on issues in the news.

You can do so whenever You want, 24/7 (unlike traditional polls).

See data and demographics in real time (unlike typical polling platforms).

There are no trolls (unlike typical social media).

Step 1: Review

See a story summarized very simply.

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How It Works

Step 2: Post

Post your opinion

(or as we say, "Opinion-ate"):

Do you agree, disagree or don't have enough information either way?

Step 3: See

Other platforms only show poll results. Here, you also see demograhics in real time.

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Your personal contact identifiers (name, street address, contact info) are not required to participate. Instead, Opinion8 asks for eight general demographic data points about you that cannot be tied to you. The data are used only to display the aggregate demographics. 

For the demographics to work, people must decide if they want to share this information or not.

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Difference with Polls

Opinion8 is not a platform for scientific polling. Here are 8 reasons why:

Opinion8 is available 24/7. It is not a one-time snapshot of poll results but a continuously changing reflection of the opinions of all its participants. Opinion8 is what is known as a Sentiment Map.

There is no language that some recipients may not grasp. Either you agree, disagree, or are undecided.

It is open to an unlimited number of real people. More people can respond than in a typical poll, which usually has a few hundred to just over a thousand responders. The scale is significant.

With more people sharing their opinions in a very simple and robust way, the data become big, real, fast and valuable.

Traditional polling may appear mysterious to some people. Opinion8 is 100% transparent.

Opinion8 does not claim to be a scientific poll. It is a Sentiment Map that relies on its massive scale and 24/7 frictionless access to produce a real-time "pulse" of a very large audience. 

Opinion8 is also very different from typical online polls. Online polls can unfortunately be spoofed by bots. We have incorporated what we call "Integrity Control" algorithms specifically to make it really hard for spoofs and bots.

Finally, the data on demographics are a powerful differentiator. Opinion8 shows in-depth demographics in real time, updating with every opinion that is posted. 

About Opinion8

Opinion8 is an idea by GNB that morphed into proprietary technology and a new digital experience to help all people have their opinions heard and be counted. On their terms. 

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