do you feel?

Why is such a simple question sometimes so difficult to answer?

Especially when finding the right words is hard?

And then posting on social media for all to see, which may come back in unwanted ways?


Rezi is a very special character or avatar.

Rezi lives on the mobile device of its owner.

Rezi is for 12-112!

In the words of actual people who gave design feedback,

"Rezi helps you feel better about how you feel!"

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Testimonials from the Store

***** Perfect for the times and safe to use. Easy to navigate, safe, private and no tracking.”

***** “Wonderful! I love the concept of this app. It gives people … a great way to express how they are feeling in a safe way. The colors and expressions are just beautiful! Excited to use it more!”


 *****“Massive Opportunity. This app is really challenging parents and schools to think about how kids can communicate in kid ways. I like how the developers have put this into motion and it seems like the sky is the limit. Fun graphics that don’t distract, too.”


***** “Great! My kids love exploring this app. We’ve had so much fun finding all the ways to express their emotions.”


***** “I love this app! Easy way for me to express how I feel ... Love it.”


***** “Creative, easy way … to reflect. I am a mom of two dyslexic kids filled with heart! After the struggles of the past year, this looks like an easy way for them to explore their emotions without the worry of writing/spelling AND the pressure of others seeing it.”


***** “Really cool animations! Made me smile playing with it. Like the journal part too.”

First, a note about personal data

Rezi takes privacy and the integrity of its Owner's data seriously and with respect.

When you download Rezi for the first time, and unlike many typical social media, it does Not ask you to connect with your social media accounts and identity.


You enter your age and gender - only if you want to - and also your State and City and that's it.


This can't be connected to you as an individual. It can't be used to reverse-engineer and identify you as an individual.


Rezi asks for this for the only purpose of adding benefit to the ReziUp polls. This way, you can see the geography of how the Rezi community is responding to the ReziUp polls, and how your reziUp opinion matters.  


Also, this totally anonymous information about age-gender-location is never resold to anybody and is used only as described above.

Finally, Rezi includes the Digital Safe Zone button right on the Home screen (please see Screen 5 right below).

Screen 1
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Pick your Rezi style!

How It Works

Screen 2
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Watch your Rezi animate!

Screen 3

Create a great visual journal of your Rezi, without ever using words!

Screen 4

Watching carefully curated, educational, inspiring and short video clips on really great topics.

Screen 5

Rezi is very private. It's like the social un-networking. The Digital Safe Zone is always engaged, right from the Home screen.

Delete whenever you want.

Screen 6
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Check out and take part in 100% anonymous ReziUp questions for the Rezi's around the country! 

Rezi is free from trolls.

Unlike typical social media, Rezi uses no words.

This simple idea prevents the hate we all see on social media from even existing on the Rezi platform.


Revelance Today

There are many groups, websites and apps to support people and communities at times of challenge. There are also many mental health and self-help apps for specific purposes.

Rezi is very different.


Rezi is about combining four elements under one roof:

  1. Without using words, see emotions.

  2. Explore how time changes how we all feel.

  3. Be part of or just watch Rezi community polls.

  4. Have fun, learn and get inspired from short videos that are actually selected/curated for interest and a bit of quality :-)!


Rezi is not a mental health app.

Just like with any website or app, if the User feels they need to, no matter how young or old, no matter the context, always try to reach out and ask for help from a trusted adult.


Nobody can ignore the challenges of digital privacy and abuse.


Rezi has specific technology to help make it what we call a "Digital Safe Zone". DSZ makes it possible to have supreme moments of digital privacy, while also allowing for community sharing.

Rezi is also designed to be G.D.P.R. compliant.

When you download Rezi for the first time, it does Not ask you to connect with your social media accounts and identity. You enter your age and gender - only if you want to - and also your State and City and that's it. This can't be connected to you as an individual. This is needed for the ReziUp polls and is never used or resold to anybody.

Finally, we are also working to make DSZ an actual digital certification for everybody.


Social Responsibility

If social/organizational responsibility is relevant to you and your organization, and if you'd like to find out more about Rezi and Project Rez . . .